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Bloom Finance Group CIC has been created because we believe that Financial and Social Inclusion is the inherent right of all people, all ages and all abilities, irrelevant of their post code.

We recognise the need to support links directly with education, young people, child poverty etc BUT believe the only really effective route to a truly inclusive community is via trusted partners who already work with / are directly connected to their people – for example Community Groups, Charities, Housing Associations, Care Companies, Churches, Colleges, Universities etc.

By all of us combining to challenge the apparent status quo, we can together help people and communities to change their futures. Creating positive change in communities through local investment and by providing real assistance for everyone and especially for anyone who needs extra help and support.

Bloom has created, and is continuing to develop, its free to use “Social Technology Platform” designed to provide any town, village, organisation, voluntary group, club, charity, social enterprise or other with access to a suite of web based solutions that simplifies and enhances the services and support they can provide to their community.

In addition Bloom offers a range of finance and safety products designed to provide solutions for local businesses and individuals, no matter their age or ability, that can be promoted by the community and where profits can be reinvested into the community to help it Bloom.     

However, those needing help also need to show their commitment to working together to achieve success – it cannot be a process of “giving” help without commitment and openness from everyone involved.

Bloom has already established that where individuals, small businesses, etc have an existing relationship and feel valued it is more likely that they will trust the support they are given and understand that they have a responsibility to those who have helped them. 


Money’s a strange thing: It’s both a creator and a destroyer.

We believe that the destructive side of money comes from misinformation, misinterpretation and ultimately misuse. Individuals can’t thrive like this and if individuals can’t thrive, neither can the communities they live in.

The fact is, many people don't get taught basic money principles. That is why we start our journey through life with no awareness of how to manage money properly. As a result, we’re scared of debt, but we’re thrown straight into it anyway — whether we’re students, entrepreneurs, or simply trying to get by, that is why Bloom is committed to providing:

  • support
  • help managing the money of individuals
  • help and information on products and services available to them
  • help understanding how different changes will affect them

There is generally a lack of access to fair financial products and services across the UK which leaves many communities with limited options such as high cost Payday lenders, Guarantee Loans, Rent to Own, Doorstop lenders etc. Matters are often made worse because the money generated by these high interest providers leaves the Community and often leaves the UK.

Nevertheless the increasing speed of High Street Bank Branch closures, especially in rural Communities, and the continuing threat to Sub Post Offices, as seen in reports in May 2019, is hugely damaging to the fabric of Communities and solutions are urgently needed.

We believe our Social Technologies Platform will help overcome all these issues and by partnering with trusted partners, and establishing truly inclusive communities, we are able to offer a UK wide solution that complements and supports existing successful organisations and even other finance providers such as Credit Unions and CDFI’s where they exist.


Why Bloom?

We enable businesses and individuals to take control of their money, manage their bills and save for their future.

Staying safe.
We believe that feeling safe, working together and sharing information helps a community thrive. 

Community & Technologies
We provide the social technology solutions, systems, tools and support that every community needs to help its local businesses and individuals of all ages and abilities to Bloom.