Terms & Conditions

Bloom Finance Group (Bloom) is a Community Interest Company

When you register for any product or service either individually or as a Business you automatically become a member of a Bloom Community - FREE.

Membership provides you with log in permissions to utilise Bloom Community Technologies so long as you abide by these Terms and Conditions including any amendments made in accordance with the details set out below. 


Bloom Community Membership Levels


  • Individual membership belongs to the individual who has their details registered on the Bloom database. 
  • You will be issued with a Unique Reference Number which you must use in all correspondence and calls to Bloom. 
  • You will be able to set up a unique username and password to allow you to login to your personal profile area (PPA) through which you can manage, contribute, participate and access Bloom services.   
  • It is your responsibility to keep your membership number, username and password confidential. 


  • Business membership belongs to the organisation whose details are registered on the Community Directory and Bloom database. 
  • The Business will be issued with a Unique Reference Number which they must use when contacting Bloom. 
  • The Business will be issued with a Business Profile Area (BPA)
  • To activate Business Membership the business must "adopt" their BPA by registering at least one Director/Owner/Partner as an individual member and by appointing at least one individual as their "Administrator". 
  • It is the Business Administrator(s) responsibility to keep their Unique Reference Number, username and passowrd confidential. Access to the business BPA is only possible through the appointed administrator(s) PPA.
  • The Business Administrator(s) is responsible for ensuring that Bloom is informed of any change within the business that may affect Membership including but not limited to: change in registered address, change in contact details, change in business ownership. 
  • Business Members can transfer administrator status and/or appoint additional administrators within the organisation as long those appointed are already Individual Members. Bloom must be informed of any administration changes immediately.  
  • There is a Membership Fee for businesses who wish to join the "Community Marketplace". Businesses will be invoiced once their marketplace application has been approved. 


Bloom Community Benefits

  • Community benefits may be provided directly by Bloom or through third parties. 
  • If a Community Benefit is provided by a third party then that party may have their own Terms and Conditions that Members must abide by. 
  • If a Community Benefit is provided by a third party then that party retains the right to limit or disbar Members from accessing their benefit. 
  • Bloom will keep Members informed of any new Community Benefits through the Bloom website, Member Log In areas (PPA) & )BPA) or via any other communication methods as agreed by Bloom from time to time. 
  • Community Benefits may change without notice. 


Terminating Membership

  • Bloom reserves the right to terminate membership or prevent any Member from renewing membership for the following reasons: 
  • The Member brings Bloom into disrepute. 
  • The Member is deemed to have misused their membership privileges. 
  • The Member fails to pay any membership fee, that may fall due, within the timeframe outlined 
  • The Member makes false or inaccurate statements about Bloom, or any authorised Bloom community, on social media or any other communication outlets. 
  • If  Membership is terminated, access to all Bloom Community Benefits will be withdrawn. 


Variation on Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be revised from time to time.

If they are revised, Bloom will publish a link to the revised version in your Member Log In area (PPA) & (BPA).  

It will be your responsibility to keep up to date with all such changes and continued membership shall be deemed as acceptance of any changes to these terms and conditions.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the Law of England and Wales.